Got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr

Otherwise, navigate to the program area to address the cause of the rejection, then proceed to the final step.

Note: If the info you originally entered is correct, you won't be able to e-file.

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In these cases, we recommend paper-filing by mail rather than wasting additional time trying to "fix" something that is beyond your control.

It is a special case of the general sliding window protocol with the transmit window size of N and receive window size of 1.

It can transmit N frames to the peer before requiring an ACK.

In other words, during the time that would otherwise be spent waiting, more packets are being sent.

However, this method also results in sending frames multiple times – if any frame was lost or damaged, or the ACK acknowledging them was lost or damaged, then that frame and all following frames in the window (even if they were received without error) will be re-sent. N = window size Rn = request number Sn = sequence number Sb = sequence base Sm = sequence max Receiver: Rn = 0 Do the following forever: If the packet received = Rn and the packet is error free Accept the packet and send it to a higher layer Rn = Rn 1 Else Refuse packet Send a Request for Rn Sender: Sb = 0 Sm = N − 1 Repeat the following steps forever: 1.