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As you know by now, there are a ton of benefits to masturbating, besides the obvious fact that it just feels good. You can have similar side effects when you’re masturbating as you would if you are on drugs. So, you should familiarize yourself with that exactly is going on in your brain when you are practicing your “self love.” Not only is it important to know what’s happening in your brain, it’s also important to know how certain acts can affect you…whether it’s in a good way or a bad way.But you might not know that masturbating actually affects your brain. Check out these weird ways masturbating can affect your brain, and try and think about them next time you’re ~feeling yourself~.Online dating doesn't have to be boring, and adult dating doesn't have to be seedy.We take the best of both worlds to bring you a casual and exciting spot to form steamy connections with other adults - no expectations beyond a good time, and definitely no strings attached.Question: How do I know the right way to masturbate when I’m just starting? Melanie Davis, Certified Sexuality Educator says: Good question!

Image Source: i Stock If you have an orgasm while masturbating, it could help aches and pains, particularly headaches.We're not your typical dating site, that's for sure.We take a casual approach to dating and put your pleasure first!Sometimes all you really need is a casual encounter, and sometimes long term relationships come out of casual, free hook ups.Whatever you're looking for, at Free Hookups, we think you should feel free to explore!